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From "Marco Grimm" <>
Subject [Trinidad] problem with validators (or only DoubleRangeValidator?) after restoreState
Date Fri, 22 Aug 2008 09:50:30 GMT
Hello altogether,

we have a problem with the validators (or only DoubleRangeValidator?) after
restoreState. When restoreState is executed, new instances for the
validators are created (that is the properties/attributes like "maximum" and
"minimum" have the default value. When the following validate() is executed
the org.apache.trinidad.validator.DoubleRangeValidator first tries to
execute super.validate(), which finishes without an exception, but - here is
the bug - does not validate anything, because the properties/attributes are
not set.

getMaximum() and getMinimum() would return the correct values, because they
get the return value from the _facesBean, but the validate()-Method in
javax.faces.validator.DoubleRangeValidator does not use getMaximum() but
maximum (the private attribute, which is not set). If I might give a fix
suggestion, maybe the restoreState(...)-Method in the DoubleRangeValidator
should additionally execute super.restoreState(...), then the
properties/attributes would be set in the

If my fix suggestion is completely wrong, please execuse me.

Marco Grimm

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