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From René van Wijk <>
Subject RE: [Trinidad] Table does not auto-refresh (PPR) when "show details" is clicked
Date Tue, 26 Aug 2008 06:55:37 GMT
This could be same problem which was happening on a Weblogic server, but i doubt this to be
the case. We also have an application running which uses Trinidad on a Tomcat 5.5 (it uses
JSF 1.1).
Could you try to see if the sorting of the table is working, here is an example to add sorting
to your columns. Just to see if some PPR is working or not.
<tr:table id="departmentstable" value="#{departments.dataForTable}" var="row" rowBandingInterval="1"
                        rows="5" rowSelection="multiple" binding="#{departments.tableDepartment}">
                <tr:column headerText="Department Number" sortProperty="departmentNumber"
                  <tr:outputText value="#{row.departmentNumber}"/>
                <tr:column headerText="Department Name" sortProperty="departmentName" sortable="true">
                  <tr:outputText value="#{row.departmentName}"/>
                <tr:column headerText="Location" sortProperty="location" sortable="true">
                  <tr:outputText value="#{row.location}"/>
                <tr:column headerText="Total Salary" sortProperty="departmentSalary" sortable="true">
                  <tr:outputText value="#{row.departmentSalary}">
                    <f:convertNumber pattern="€####0.00" locale="fr"/>
                <f:facet name="actions">
                  <tr:commandButton id="deleteButton" text="delete" actionListener="#{departments.deleteData}"/>
                <f:facet name="detailStamp">
                  <tr:table value="#{row.employeesList}" var="employee" rowBandingInterval="1">
                    <tr:column headerText="Employee">
                      <tr:outputText value="#{employee.employeeName} "/>
                    <tr:column headerText="Salary">
                      <tr:outputText value="#{employee.salary}">
                        <f:convertNumber pattern="€####0.00" locale="fr"/>
                    <tr:column headerText="Manager">
                      <tr:outputText value="#{employee.manager.employeeName} "/>

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	Van: Marco Vieira [] 
	Verzonden: di 26-8-2008 1:58 
	Aan: MyFaces Discussion 
	Onderwerp: Re: [Trinidad] Table does not auto-refresh (PPR) when "show details" is clicked

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