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From Christian Kaltepoth <>
Subject Re: Table rows without table
Date Mon, 11 Aug 2008 04:40:10 GMT
On Sunday 10 August 2008 21:22:05 Markus Mehrwald wrote:
> Hello,
> actually this is not really a MyFaces problem but hopefully someone can
> help me although.
> I have got a panel grid with two columns and a few rows. In this panel
> grid I want to have something like a data table or a data list but not
> as separate table in a column of the panel grid but only the rows i. e.
> without a own <table> tag.
> I tried to implement my own iterator which writes only <tr> and <td>
> tags without the <table> tags because I have already <table> tags from
> the panel grid. Unfortunately the panel grid always creates <table> tags
> around my iterator.
> Hopefully a small illustration will be helpfully for understanding what
> I want:
> Thank you for any kind of help!

There are several ways to achieve this:

* Use Tomahawks extended datatable with embedded="true". This prevents 
rendering of HTML table tags and just renders simple rows. 


* Use Tomahawks dataList component with layout="simple". This will simply 
render all children for each row, so you will have to render the <tr> and 
<td> tags yourself.


* If you are using facelets, you could also use <ui:repeat>


Kind regards


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