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From Anthony Ryan <>
Subject Re: tr:commandLink in table not launching dialog
Date Wed, 13 Aug 2008 11:26:37 GMT

Hi Jan,

Thanks for replying! My backing bean is already in session scope so I don't
think that is cause of the pop-up not showing!



Any other ideas? I seem to be getting a ConcurrentModificationException when
I drill down into the Faces code..... could this be causing the issue? The
error does not cause the system to crash or output any errors, I just
noticed it when debuggig through the code trying to find out why the window
was not showing.



Jan Baumann wrote:
> Hi Tony,
> is your backing bean a request scoped bean? I've had problems with 
> commandLinks in tables when the backing bean is in request scope, 
> perhaps its related to that. The simplest solution was to put the 
> backing bean to session scope.
> Cheers
> Jan
> Anthony Ryan schrieb:
>> Hi all,
>> I use a commandLink to delete a row in a table but we need to have a
>> warning
>> pop-up first. I have it made as a pop-up using the dialog:XXXX method but
>> the pop-up window never displays (nothing happens!)! Below is my
>> (shortened)
>> code. If anybody has any suggestions or sees something wrong, let me
>> know,
>> please!
>> I have other pop-ups launching elsewhere but there are launched using
>> commandButtons and are not embedded in a table (Note when I use
>> commandButton in this scenario, it still does not launch the window).
>> Many Thanks,
>> Tony
>> JSP with commandLink:
>> <tr:panelGroupLayout id="authPanel"
>> partialTriggers="authTable:deleteSeller">
>> 	<tr:table id="authTable" value="#{authSellerHandler.authSellersModel}"
>> var="seller" rows="10" 
>>                    emptyText="No sellers found" width="75%">
>>                    <tr:column headerText="Delete Seller from Product">
>> 		<tr:commandLink action="dialog:deleteSeller" useWindow="true"
>> partialSubmit="true" 
>> 			windowHeight="250" windowWidth="450" id="deleteSeller" text="Delete">
>> 			<tr:setActionListener from="#{seller}"
>> to="#{authSellerHandler.seller}"
>> />
>> 		</tr:commandLink>	
>> 	      </tr:column>
>>              </tr:table>
>> </tr:panelGroupLayout>
>> Faces-Config:
>> <navigation-case>
>> 	<from-outcome>dialog:deleteSeller</from-outcome>
>> 	<to-view-id>/mgmt/products/warning.jsp</to-view-id>
>> </navigation-case>

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