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From "Mathias Walter" <>
Subject [Trinidad] 1.2.9-core
Date Fri, 04 Jul 2008 18:27:09 GMT

just to let you know: The nightly build of Trinidad 1.2.9 breaks some EL
getter or setter methods. It's hard to explain.

I'm using a facelet component which sets a variable to the row of a tr:table
(<c:set var="entity" value="#{row}" />). This variable is then used in a
child table (which is also a facelet component) as source value.
In 1.2.9 this approach does not work anymore. The entity is set to the
current row of the child table and does not contain the row entity set

Up to 1.2.8, all works fine. I checked the fixes for 1.2.9, but could not
find a related one.

facelet tag code:

		<c:when test="${empty value}">
		    <c:set var="source" value="${backingBean.list}" />
		    <c:set var="source" value="${entity[value]}" />
		<c:when test="${empty eventBinding}">
		    <c:set var="binding" value="${backingBean}" />
		    <c:set var="binding" value="${eventBinding}" />
	<tr:table value="${source}" binding="${binding.model}" var="row">
		<c:set var="entity" value="#{row}" />
		<ui:insert />
		<tr:column headerText="Actions">
				<tr:commandLink action="#{backingBean.edit}"
text="Edit" partialSubmit="true" rendered="#{!backingBean.editMode and
backingBean.visibleOnly}" immediate="true" />
				<tr:commandLink action="#{}"
text="Save" partialSubmit="true" rendered="#{!backingBean.visibleOnly}" />
action="#{backingBean.cancel}" text="Cancel" partialSubmit="true"
rendered="#{!backingBean.visibleOnly}" immediate="true">

xhtml code:

<i:ietable panelCaption="Samples" backingBean="#{samples}"
	<i:field label="ID" name="id" columns="6" readOnly="true"/>
	<f:facet name="detailStamp">
		<i:ietable panelCaption="Findings" value="findings"
backingBean="#{findings}" eventBinding="#{findingsBindings}" parent="#{row}"


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