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From jorge miguel <>
Subject inputDate and ppr problem
Date Wed, 30 Jul 2008 18:52:02 GMT

 hi. first of all this the code that i have  <tr:inputDate id="dateSubmited" autoSubmit="true"
immediate="true" valueChangeListener="#{footerBean.typeChange}" value="#{reportingInformationActionHandler.rvctReporting.submissionDate}"
label="Date Submited:"> <tr:validateDateTimeRange maximum="#{footerBean.maxDate}"/>
<f:convertDateTime pattern="MM/dd/yyyy"/> </tr:inputDate> <tr:inputDate partialTriggers="dateSubmited"
value="#{reportingInformationActionHandler.rvctReporting.countedDate}" label="Date Counted:">
<tr:validateDateTimeRange minimum="#{footerBean.submissionDate}" maximum="#{footerBean.maxDate}"/>
<f:convertDateTime pattern="MM/dd/yyyy"/> </tr:inputDate>   this is a simple validation
"From Date -- ToDate" the second inputDate must be bigger than the submittedDate (first inputDate=
field) but less than the actual date. so the problems come in the validateDateTimeRange footerBean.submissionDate
is not been updated with the new value that i type in the first input any idea why is happening
this?  i.e. first InputDate 10/12/2008 in the second inputDate the minimum=10/12/2008 maximum=actualDate
so if i change the first inputDate with any otherDate the second Inputdate still validating
the minimum against 10/12/2008  hope is clear enough and someone can help me. and sorry for
the bad english  jorge chavez
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