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From "" <>
Subject Re: access names of called actions and beans
Date Wed, 02 Jul 2008 09:13:51 GMT schrieb:
> Michael Heinen schrieb:
>> Hi Rafa,
>> how does this global ActionListener work?
>> I defined one in the faces-config and it's processAction method is 
>> called.
>> But the action/actionListener of my commands are not executed anymore!
> It's like all the other pluggable JSF classes. If you replace the 
> standard implementation, then you need to either provide a complete 
> implementation (no stub methods), or you need to delegate to a 
> complete implementation.
> So in your case, you need a constructor that takes an ActionListener 
> instance, and save it away. Then in other methods, delegate to the 
> object that was passed to the constructor.
> See the jsf spec for more details.

Sorry, please ignore my email. I was thinking of a different class.

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