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From Stephen Friedrich <>
Subject Re: access names of called actions and beans
Date Tue, 01 Jul 2008 19:23:24 GMT
I think it's not really feasible with a servlet only, but an interceptor
can easily do it.
See the posts in this thread for a working example:

There's a little bit more configuration to do when you are not using Seam,
but not too complicated either way.

Michael Heinen wrote:
> What's the best approach to output the name of the called 
> action/actionListener and the name of the corresponding managed beans ?
> I want to use a ServletFilter to measure the times for http requests and 
> print out these names.
> Is there anything generic available via FacesContext? I do not want to 
> touch every  managed bean.
> Or do I have to overwrite org.apache.myfaces.el.MethodBindingImpl in 
> order to store the names in requestscope in the "invoke" method?
> Michael

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