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Subject [Trinidad] Selector types clarification
Date Wed, 11 Jun 2008 19:49:44 GMT
<html><body><p><font size="4">Can someone make it a little more clear
than in the docs why the component-specific selectors don't have the dot in front? I read
the docs and the FAQ and am clear that they don't but I don't understand why and this has
me wondering about how I'm going to define styles for custom (or existing non-Trinidad components).
I assume this impacts how they get fed to the renderer? Is this just a hint to the parser
that builds the final CSS? </font><br><br><font size="4">-Christian</font><br><br><br><font
size="4">NOTE: This is being reposted with the correct [Trinidad] marker and without the
part of the question that I figured out five minutes after I posted the first time. Also not
attaching to original thread given this question doesn't really relate. Sorry for the spam.</font><br><br>This
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