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Subject [Trinidad] Selecting a row in tr:table by clicking on the row
Date Wed, 21 May 2008 13:00:43 GMT
Hi List,

I'm looking for a method to select a row in a tr:table or tr:treeTable by 
clicking anywhere on the row. I have a rather complex UI and I'm looking 
for ways to reduce the number of controls the user sees. One thing I came 
up with was removing the radio buttons in the treeTable on my page. While 
the user should be able to select a single row, I thought it would be nice 
if the row was selected just by clicking anywhere on the row and selection 
of the row is indicated by a different background color and/or use of a 
different font (bold instead of plain). 

I found a proposal for this functionality as standard feature here:

But this did not make in into the regular builds aparantly. 

Does someone know a way to achieve this without adapting Trinidad itself. 
I think it should be possible with a clever combination of skinning (CSS) 
and JavaScript.

Best regards,
Bart Kummel
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