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From "" <>
Subject Re: [Tomahawk] - Both MyFaces and the RI are on your classpath
Date Tue, 20 May 2008 16:02:14 GMT schrieb:
> Thanks Simon for your response and sorry for my bad one (now o don't
> know if use bottom or top...)
> If I understood well, I don't have any problem because the JSF
> implementation used by WAS does not define any faces-config.xml and
> META-INF/services/.... (I'm using MyFaces and Tomahawk 1.1.5). 
> So, is normal that I found the log "Both MyFaces and the RI are on your
> classpath" because  org.apache.myfaces.shared_impl.config.MyfacesConfig
> check existence of Sun implementation but I don't understand why is
> logging an error message.

There have definitely been problems in the past when people have had
both implementations in their classpath. So the error message is there
to tell people about it. Maybe those problems have since been fixed, but
I don't know anything about that.

I can't remember the details; maybe you should search the email archives
for "Both MyFaces and the RI". Or check the svn history to see if there
is a useful comment attached to the commit that added that error message.

> In the response you talk about
> org.apache.myfaces.config.FacesConfigurator class but the lo is of
> org.apache.myfaces.shared_impl.config.MyfacesConfig.

Then I guess you're using myfaces 1.2.x. I looked at the 1.1.x code. The
principle is the same though.
> Can you help me to relax? :)  At the moment my application is working
> without problems.....what can I do for check existence of any kind of
> future problems?
The only way to be absolutely sure would be to do a code audit of
myfaces, particularly the startup process and any code that uses
Class.forName or similar. I guess no-one has cared enough to do this yet.

Obviously some people have found things to work ok (otherwise they would
not have created the wiki entry). But you've also had a response in this
email thread from someone who had mysterious problems that seemed to go
away when they removed the RI implementation from the path (I think
that's what he meant). That's not hard data, but

It's up to you to choose what to do now.

Removing the JSF implementation from Websphere would certainly be the
safest solution if you really want to run MyFaces within it.

Or you could run your app in a plain servlet engine like Tomcat or
Jetty, where there is no JSF implementation bundled.

Or you could just use the JSF implementation that is embedded within
Websphere. After all, websphere is a J2EE environment, and therefore
already provides a JSF implementation. Trying to run a different JSF
implementation within it might be asking for trouble.

But in the end, if your app is passing your testing, then I guess that
is what really counts, and you could ignore the message (or disable it
by configuring your logging appropriately) until you really have a problem.


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