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From Daniel Niklas <>
Subject RE: [JSF] how to "enable" facelets for my jsf component
Date Tue, 27 May 2008 13:10:06 GMT

Hi David,

sorry, only know it was possible to look at this/my problem, thanks for your

Nebinger, David wrote:
> You need more than just the facelet-taglib support.  There's integral
> stuff that has to go into the code before it's usable.
> This message indicates that you are not returning a valid component
> and/or renderer type from the component body tag.  The values returned
> from the getRendererType() and getComponentType() methods are used as
> lookups against the faces-config.xml and taglib.xml files in the
> component jar file.

As i mentioned, the "jps-stuff" works already, the component rendering is
correct and no warnings were printed out. My suspicion was, that there is
something wrong with the "facelets-stuff", but sadly I couldn't see this.

My fault was, that i put the component-type to the renderer-type, as well
(in taglib.xml for facelets).
The correct facelets-configuration for my example must be:


Nebinger, David wrote:
> Bruno's article talks about both of the files and what needs to go into
> them, but it looks like you're still missing some pieces...
> Personally I didn't use archetype for our JSF/Facelets components.  They
> are really simple to hand-code, and (outside of standard method
> overrides) there's not a whole lot of boilerplate code that I can see
> archetype saving you much time on.
> And I still can't get away from the belief that w/o hand coding things
> like this you'll never make heads or tails out of code generated by a
> tool on your behalf...
You're right, this is my opinion, too. But this was the "best" example i
could find. 
I didn't use the archetype etc. Today i found another "check list" at I think,
is quite helpful.

Best regards

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