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From Neil Venn <>
Subject [Trinidad] How can I use panelTabbed or showDetailItem as PPR trigger
Date Tue, 13 May 2008 21:50:35 GMT

I have read in the Developer Guide that panelTabbed component uses PPR
automatically to show tabs - is there a way other components on the page
could register as listeners for the trigger in order to refresh when a tab
is shown.

Here is my scenario: my page includes a panelTabbed with three tabs - each
tab contains a table, each table shows similar data just filtered
differently, another panel on the page should show details of the selected
data row from the currently visible table. I can register the other panel's
partialTriggers as all three tables and the selectionListener in the backing
bean is able to recognise the current table from the event data and copy the
details to the attributes displayed in the panel - this works fine and the
panel displays detail data from any of the three tables. In the
DisclosureListener I can detect the selected tab and thus deduce the
selected table and update the attributes but because the panelTabbed is not
registered as a partial trigger for the other panel the other panel does not

I have tried allocating and ID to the panelTabbed to use in the
partialTriggers attribute (and even tried doing the same for the
showDetailItem components for good measure) but to no avail.

Is there a way I can find the ID to use - or is this generated? Or can
anyone suggest a way to achieve what I require.

BTW I cannot put the other panel within the showDetailItem due to the
requirements for page layout.

Thanks in advance

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