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From Guy Bashan <>
Subject Upload with progress bar
Date Mon, 19 May 2008 20:44:17 GMT
Hi All,


I know this is not exactly a JSF question.


Since JSF (My Faces & Tomahawk) still doesn't have an upload with progress
bar, I made some workaround of my own.

I put iframe inside a JSF form. In that Iframe there is only file upload
field, submit button and another iframe.

The first iframe is not to "disturb" JSF form when doing the upload
operation and the second one is to prevent from the inner iframe to be

Refreshed when upload is finished (the "target" of the form is the inner

For the upload I have downloaded some upload with progress example from the

Now this is the part in which I have problem:

It seems like first the entire file is being uploaded to the server, and
only then all the events triggering the progress information are activated.

The upload operation is using apache commons file upload with it also used
by MyFaces extensions filter.

Is it possible that there is some configuration in the myFaces parameters or
filter that cause this weird behavior?




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