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From "Malik, Usman" <>
Subject inputCalendar not saving value into backing bean
Date Wed, 30 Apr 2008 16:27:28 GMT

I have a simple form with a drop-down list (storeNum), couple of
inputCalendar fields (minDate and maxDate) and a submit button. All 3
controls are tied to a backing bean ... the drop-down list is tied to a
String variable and the 2 calendar fields are tied to Date variables
(all have getter/setter methods). All 3 controls are set to some initial
value that I set in the backing bean programmatically. I also have a
submit button in the form that has its action set to a function in the
same backing bean as above. The function returns a blank string at the
end, so after all the processing the JSF navaigation should re-load the
same page.

I am still a newbie at JSF but I believe that when I click the submit
button, all the tied variables in the backing bean should be updated
with the latest on-screen values, and then the action function should be
executed. Inside the action function, I simply check the values of all
my tied variables (storeNum, minDate, maxDate) before returning an empty
string. The problem I am running into is that if I change any of the
dates on-screen, they are not updated in the backing bean when I
interrogate them in the action function. However, the storeNum variable
IS updated correctly when I interrogate it in the action function.

Is the problem just in my understanding of the JSF model or something
else is at play here? Any help would be much appreciated. Btw, I have
tried the relevant example at Irian
[] and if I add an
action function and interrogate the date values, they are having the
same problem in that example too!

- Usman

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