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From A <>
Subject [Trinidad] PannelTabbed One Page / Multiple Backing Beans
Date Wed, 30 Apr 2008 16:29:37 GMT

I have a problem that has proven to be a little difficult. I am interested in using the pannelTabbed
component to provide views of forms.Also, I would like the forms to use the same "named" backing
bean, but have theinstance of that backing bean be different based on the tab selection. For
example, tab1 corresponds to #{managedBean1},                   tab2 corresponds to #{managedBean2},
                 tab3 corresponds to #{managedBean3} managedBean1 and managedBean3 extend
Class BackingBeanAmanagedBean2 extends extends Class BackingBeanB ViewA.jspx relies on an
instance of BackingBeanAViewB.jspx relies on an instance of BackingBeanB  tabbed.jspx<tr:panelTabbed
id="panelTabbed1">  <tr:showDetailItem text="Tab 1" id="item1">    <f:subview
id="v1">     <jsp:include page="/viewA.jspx" flush="true"/>    </f:subview>
  </tr:showDetailItem>   <tr:showDetailItem text="Tab 2" id="item2">    <f:subview
id="v2">     <jsp:include page="/viewB.jspx" flush="true"/>    </f:subview>
 </tr:showDetailItem>  <tr:showDetailItem text="Tab 3" id="item3">   <f:subview
id="v3">    <jsp:include page="/viewA.jspx" flush="true"/>   </f:subview> 
</tr:showDetailItem></tr:panelTabbed> viewA.jspx<?xml version='1.0' encoding='windows-1252'?><jsp:root
xmlns:jsp=""              version="2.0"             xmlns:tr=""
            xmlns:f="">        <tr:outputText value="#{}"
binding="#{someNamedBeanA.outputText1}"/>        <tr:outputText value="#{}"
                             binding="# {someNamedBeanA.nestedObjectA.outputText1}"/></jsp:root>
viewB.jspx<?xml version='1.0' encoding='windows-1252'?><jsp:root xmlns:jsp=""
             version="2.0"             xmlns:tr=""     
       xmlns:f="">        <tr:outputText value="#{someNamedBeanB.nestedObjectB.dto.otherName}"
                             binding="# {someNamedBeanB.nestedObjectB.outputText1}"/></jsp:root>
 I have tried the aliasBean from tomahawk, with the "hack" to get bindings to work, but the
value fails. I have tried facelets, and it seems
to work for the most part.However, I discovered a bug in treeTable while using facelets: Setting
the rowsByDepth property causes a ClassCastException. This sent a bad vibe my way, since we're
working in a pretty serious production environment,and cannot afford "little" anomalies. 
Any help or ideas are much appreciated. Age
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