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From A <>
Subject [Trinidad] PannelTabbed - One Form / Multiple Backing Beans
Date Wed, 30 Apr 2008 20:04:10 GMT

I have a problem that has proven to be a little difficult.

I am interested in using the pannelTabbed component to provide views of forms.
Also, I would like the forms to use the same 'named' backing bean, but have the
instance of that backing bean be different based on the tab selection.

For example, tab1 corresponds to #{managedBean1},
                  tab2 corresponds to #{managedBean2},
                  tab3 corresponds to #{managedBean3}

managedBean1 and managedBean3 extend Class BackingBeanA
managedBean2 extends extends Class BackingBeanB

ViewA.jspx relies on an instance of BackingBeanA
ViewB.jspx relies on an instance of BackingBeanB







I have tried the aliasBean from tomahawk, with the 'hack' to get bindings to work, but the
value binding fails. I have tried facelets, and it seems to work for
the most part.
However, I discovered a bug in treeTable while using facelets: Setting the rowsByDepth property
causes a
ClassCastException. This sent a bad vibe my way, since we're working in a pretty serious production
and cannot afford 'little' anomalies.

Any help or ideas are much appreciated.


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