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From Dave <>
Subject how to render a tree2 as drop-down menu bar
Date Mon, 14 Apr 2008 15:04:30 GMT
Hi, I uses a tree2 that is working well.
  Today I got a requirement to render the tree2 as a horizontal menu bar for direct children
under root, and drop down menu for deeper nodes. That is a popular style for website.
  For exmple,
  ---------File------------   Edit -----------------
  Save As ..
  Any components can be used for the tree2 and actions are bound to bean methods, that is
very flexible.  JSCookMenu is not flexible in this sense, and does not work in our case.
  Is there any drop-down menu component working with MyFaces? that supports 
  1.  menu items can be rendered using different components such as commandButton/Link;
  2.  menu item can be referenced as  #{} for method binding.
  For example, for a menu item,
  <h:commandLink value="Save" action="#{}"/>
  Basically, I need to render a tree2 horizontally with drop down menu.
  Thanks for help.

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