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From Mark Jason G. dela Peña <>
Subject Re: Apache Trinidad Chart won&#39;t load in FF/IE
Date Wed, 23 Apr 2008 02:39:43 GMT

Hello there Venkata,

Thank you for replying. It took me some time to reply back, but anyway, I still 
have not been able to make it work. I've included a <mime-mapping> tag in web.xml
and also included a @page directive for content-type image/svg+xml in the JSP page.

It didn't work with just the directive, and I don't know if the inclusion of the 
<mime-mapping> tag in web.xml works because I am getting a new error, that the
ApacheChart.js is not defined.
By the way, I'm using the following libraries for JSF 1.1:

Hope you can help, thanks. :)

					Re: Apache Trinidad Chart won't load in FF/IE			venkata guddanti
			Fri, 04 Apr 2008 14:12:34 -0700

The trinidad chart should work with FF 1.5+ with native SVG support. In IE
you would need the Adobe SVG support. It should also work with Safari 3.0+
and Opera  7.0+ browsers using the native SVG support.

If the Firefox browser asked you for download of  SVG (chart) file, it is
most likely an issue with your MIME type settings on the server. For
security reasons Firefox does not load the SVG file unless the MIME type is
set on the webserver from which the file is being server. IE totally
disregards the server MIME type setting. This explains why it is working
from the irian website.


On Wed, Apr 2, 2008 at 2:59 AM, Mark Jason G. dela Peña <

> Hello everyone,
> I've been having a problem in making the tr:chart component work on
> Firefox and IE browsers. I've tried many work-arounds and discovered many
> scenarios in the attempt of fixing the problem.
> First scenario:
> Using Firefox (native SVG-support enabled), no Adobe SVG Plugin
> This is the original setup for my browser, and when I ran my web-app, the
> browser asked me to do with the SVG (chart) file, whether to download it,
> open it up with some application, etc. Of course none, of this work in
> loading the SVG chart in the web page.
> I've checked (from Firebug) that the html element (embed) being rendered
> for the SVG object includes the type attribute with the value of
> image/svg+xml, it indicated the plus sign and not the minus sign.
> I've ran the chart demo from, and the chart load just fine. Which
> I find weird.
> Second scenario:
> Using Internet Explorer with no Adobe SVG Viewer installed
> This totally does not work and asks to install for the plugin.
> Third Scenario:
> Installed Adobe SVG Viewer 3 in Internet Explorer
> Works like a charm, it rendered the SVG chart perfectly well.
> Fourth Scenario:
> Installed SVG Plugin for Mozilla Firefox, native browser support for SVG
> enabled
> I've checked the plug-in site for Mozilla Firefox in, and as
> per the instructions, downloaded the SVG plugin from Adobe (this one is
> versioned 6), copied the NPSVG6.dll and from the installation
> folder to Mozilla Firefox's plugins folder.
> This workaround didn't work however, it still asks for me to select what
> to do with the SVG document.
> Fifth Scenario:
> Installed SVG Plugin for Mozilla Firefox, native browser support for SVG
> disabled
> This time, I disabled the svg-support inherent from Firefox itself. It no
> longer opens a Dialog box to select an action for the SVG document, however,
> it still does not load the SVG chart. It displayed the error message that I
> need a different version of web browser (IE, Firefox 1.5+, etc.)
> Finally,
> I stripped everything clean from where I started (no Adobe SVG Viewer
> plugin, native Firefox SVG support enabled) and still NO GO. I am also no
> longer able to run the Components Demo for charts seamlessly, can no longer
> load/view the chart.
> As you can see, I'm at wits end on how to turn things around. Can anyone
> please help me out?
> I assumed that Apache Trinidad was correctly used and configured in the
> web-application since I can view the charts seamlessly in the third
> scenario.
> I basically followed the codes from the source of the Components Demon for
> Charts components.
> Thanks,
> Jason DP

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