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From R√łnnevik, Eivind <>
Subject RE: Tomahawk datatable NewspaperColumns not working for dynamic value
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2008 12:02:21 GMT


I've been facing this issue as well, and my solution was to create the dataTable programmatically,
cause if you set the number of newspaperColumns thereit works.. :)


So, in your handler/backing bean you have a private property dataTable with getters and setters.


In your getter (or other method that creates the table) then you can set the required properties,
something like this:





>From your jsp you then need to use a binding pointing at this dataTable, e.g:

<t:dataTable var="picture" binding="#{categoryList.dataTable}" width="100%"


Hope this helps you!






From: Pinal Patel [] 
Sent: 30. mars 2008 21:56
Subject: Tomahawk datatable NewspaperColumns not working for dynamic value


Hi everyone,

I am using Tomahawk Extended_datatable to render nested lists for display. I am using Tomahawk
1.1.7_Snapshot verion (latest nightly build). 

My requirement is to display the table horizontally and using the 1.1.7_Snapshot version of
Tomahawk datatable's newspapercolumns should display horizontally. But the newspapercolumns
does not take dynamic value using EL expression; it onlys works on static value. The current
version of Tomahawk should supposedly fix the bug to accept dynamic value, but its still not

So, I am wondering if anyone has faced similar issue or faced similar requirement to display
table horizontally. If yes, I would HIGHLY appreciate any insight you can provide to resolve
my issue.

I've been stuck with this problem for long time and HIGHLY appreciate your valuable insights.


Below is the snapshot of my code:


<t:dataTable id="categoryTable" border="1" newspaperOrientation="horizontal" 

newspaperColumns="#{categoryList.categoryTotal}" value="#{categoryList.pictureList}" 






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