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From Torben Makowka <>
Subject [Trinidad] Problems with PPR and InputText
Date Fri, 18 Apr 2008 10:04:03 GMT
Hi all,

i'm currently facing a problem with PPR in a combination with a 
tr:selectOneChoice and a tr:inputText.

The text component is filled with a new value when the choice component 
is changed. This works so far. I want the new value of the textbox to be 
saved to a db in the backing bean. When i click on the submit button, a 
value _not_ entered in the textbox appears _before_ the submit action in 
the backing bean is called (i debugged this with eclipse) and this value 
is also saved to the db in the end. This new value is most often a jsf 
component id (e.g. j_id_jsp_1271545289_86) or even the html component id 
of the submit button(!). I played with binding the textbox to a variable 
in my backing bean and doing a .resetValue() on it but this didn't solve 
the problem.

There seems to be a problem with the new value being transferred to the 
backing bean. The textbox gets filled with old/random values it seems.

Anyone got an idea what's going on here?


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