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From Max Starets <>
Subject Re: [Trinidad] Custom collectionmodel
Date Fri, 04 Apr 2008 13:49:30 GMT

I must be missing something - why don't you just instantiate your custom 
CollectionModel as a backing bean
and EL-bind table's value to it?


Henk Vanhoe wrote:
> Hi,
> I found one way to force the trinidad table to use our own collection 
> model: to extend 
> and override 
> the createCollectionModel  method. But I don't like this solution 
> because for this to work I have to make this method non-final in the 
> trinidad source code itself and recompile it! Is there a reason why 
> createCollectionModel is final in the source code or could this be 
> removed in the source repository itself (or do I have to ask that on 
> the dev mailing list?) Or does anybody have a better solution?
> Thanks
> Henk
> Does anybody
> Henk Vanhoe wrote:
>> Hi,
>> In our tables we need to use our own collection model (a wrapper for 
>> org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.model.CollectionModel with its own 
>> implementation of getRowKey and setRowKey). However the getter in the 
>> backing bean for the value used in the table returns a java.util.List 
>> and the trinidad implementation of CoreTable wraps that in its own 
>> CollectionModel. Is there a way for us to force the trinidad table to 
>> use our own CollectionModel?
>> Regards,
>> Henk

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