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From "h b" <>
Subject help me decide when to populate my datatable?
Date Wed, 05 Mar 2008 20:20:52 GMT
Hello, I'm new to jsf.

I have a page that shows a table of items using the datatable component.
The datatable is bound to my backing beans items field. <h:datatable

myBean has a request scope.

myBean.getItems() is implemented as follows:
if (items == null) items = createItems();
return items;

I put in a few log statements to see how everything is working.

What I'm observing:
* The first time the page is rendered myBean.getItems is invoked during the
RENDER_RESPONSE phase.  That's great, it make sense.
* On post back getItems is called during the: APPLY_REQUEST_VALUES &

Questions & Concerns:
1. On postback why is getItems getting invoked during APPLY_REQUEST_VALUES
2. On postback since myBean has request scope, it is constructed again,
which means items is null until getItems gets called.  This means that (on
postback) during the APPLY_REQUEST_VALUES phase, I'm doing a db fetch to
build my items.  This is not good for me, specially since, I want to respond
to an event (such as new filter criteria) and fetch items based on that
event.  So I'll end up doing 2 fetches.

IOne way to resolve this issue is by changing myBean scope to session
scope.  But I want to stay stateless...and I'm hoping jsf can support a
stateless model.

I'm sure I'm missing something since this is a very simple use-case.

Thanks in advance.

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