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From "Andrew Robinson" <>
Subject Re: [Trinidad] Modal tr:panelPopup issue in IE 7
Date Tue, 25 Mar 2008 12:51:47 GMT
The popup code assumes that the item it is in is the top level. On the
other hand, it has to keep the popup in the form to ensure proper
submission. It only is tested with having the form directly under the
document component. We can add some more tests, but what does having
the DIV outside the form give you that you cannot do with it inside
the form?


On 3/24/08, Chris Hansen <> wrote:
> First of all, I don't know much about CSS, so if this is purely a CSS issue,
> I apologize.
> I've noticed an issue on IE 7 (works fine in FireFox 2) that prevents the
> user from doing anything within a modal tr:panelPopup (i.e. the area within
> the popup is disabled just like the area outside of it). This has to do with
> "position: relative;" in the CSS.
> Here is a minimal example (sorry if the formatting is lost):
> <pre>
> <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "
> <tr:document xmlns=""
>   xmlns:f=""
>   xmlns:h=""
>   xmlns:ui=""
>   xmlns:tr="">
>   <f:view>
>     <div style="margin-top: 100px; position: relative;">
>       <tr:form id="testForm">
>         <tr:panelPopup id="testPopup" text="Click here" title="Title"
> modal="true">
>           <tr:outputText value="content" />
>         </tr:panelPopup>
>       </tr:form>
>     </div>
>   </f:view>
> </tr:document>
> </pre>
> I've noticed that the problem goes away if I remove the tr:form entirely or
> move it outside of the div. Is this an issue with tr:panelPopup, tr:form, or
> purely a CSS mistake/misuse?
> Thanks,
> Chris Hansen

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