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From "Mike Kienenberger" <>
Subject Re: jsf pluggable pages
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2008 22:05:14 GMT
I'm not sure how you'd do it for jsp pages, but I think your facelets
xhtml files will be found without any problems in the jar.  I can't
remember if it requires configuring a resource loader, though.

On 3/4/08, Penkov Vladimir <> wrote:
> I have jsf application, written using facelets. I want it to be extedable with custom
>  Module is simple jar with faces-context.xml in it. I can place it in /WEB-INF/lib directory,
register somehow in my app, for example by specifying main class of module, so later, after
deploy, I can reach all resources from this jar.
>  As specified in spec, I can add managed beans and custom navigation rules into module's
faces-context.xml. But what about jsp pages? How can I add them and later tell my main app
to use them? For example, I have rule:
>  <navigation-rule>
>    <from-view-id>/modules/test/foo.jsp</from-view-id>
>    <navigation-case>
>       <from-action>#{moduleBean.doSmth}</from-action>
>       <to-view-id>/modules/test/foo1.jsp</to-view-id>
>    </navigation-case>
>  </navigation-rule>
>  (let's say, that every module must use /modules/<module_name> prefix).
>  Both foo.jsp and foo1.jsp are located in module_test.jar, which is (as
>  Imentioned before) in /WEB-INF/lib folder of my main app. So how will
>  main app understand that it must load jsp's from module_test.jar?

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