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From Rønnevik, Eivind <>
Subject RE: Simple popup window with external URL
Date Thu, 13 Mar 2008 09:43:30 GMT

Yes your url needs to start with http://

You can do a quick test trying to hardcode the url instead of getting it from #{nextBean.description.url},
using the url '' it fails (you get a 404 cause it looks for this page within
your context root), but '' works.

Notice that depending on the returned value of your #{} you can experience some
problems, as javascript doesn't allow for special characters (whitespaces e.g.) in the name

I'm using popups in JSF a lot, and I've done a popup-function that seems to work properly
in all cases, for both IE and Firefox.

I'll leave you a link to a post on my blog that describes this one :)



-----Original Message-----
From: [] 
Sent: 12. mars 2008 16:46
Subject: Re: Simple popup window with external URL

The value returned starts with "www.".
Should that value start with "http://www." instead?

Best Regards

> Hello Kevin,
> The value returned by #{nextBean.description.url} is
> that a relative or absolute path?
> If it's relative, then the browser will tack on the base URL of the
> enclosing page.  It must
> be absolute for web sites external to you webapp.
> HTH,
> Bryan
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