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From Michael Kurz <>
Subject Re: how to dynamically load tabbedpane
Date Thu, 20 Mar 2008 20:51:32 GMT
Sidhik, Rosmon schrieb:
> I have a somewhat complicated UI design.
> I have a page which contains a search, the search results displayed 
> below and then an Edit screen below it.
> The edit screen contains a left navigation (dynamically generated using 
> tomahawk NavigationMenuItems) and the details screen.
> The detail screen opens up multiple tabs based on the action on the 
> navigationmenu.
> I need to be able to generate the tabs dynamically using paneltabbedpane.

I am not really sure what you want to accomplish. Do you have ONE page 
with search, search result and edit view? What I understood is that you 
want to reload the content of the panelTabbedPane without reloading the 
whole page. Meaning search and search result remain the same and the 
content of the tabs changes when you click a menu item. Is that correct?


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