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From Luca Stancapiano <>
Subject Re: character encoding
Date Sun, 09 Mar 2008 17:13:11 GMT
other thing... the problem into myfaces about param tag is that I cannot 
to chose encoding for the value.... my value forcely is encoded in 
iso-8859. This work is done by HTMLEncoder class into myfaces.... do 
should not to be encoded with a word as '&agrave' instead of ascii code?

david delbecq ha scritto:
> Luca Stancapiano a écrit :
>> hi.... I've seen that myfaces executes a strange encoding for 
>> characters. If I have something similar:
>>  <h:form>                                           <h:commandLink 
>> action="#{UserNumberBean.log}">
>>                       <h:outputText value="#{UserNumberBean.modalita}"/>
>>                       <f:param name="id" 
>> value="#{UserNumberBean.modalita}"/>
>>                    </h:commandLink>
>>  </h:form>
>> and UserNumberBean.modalita has 'modalità' as value, I see into the 
>> resulted page this value: modalit&#226 ,the ascii code instead of 
>> 'modalit&agrave' as well as for html pages. So when I click on the 
>> link, this value cannot to be decoded. I think about a bug of 
>> HTMLEncoder class... what do you think?
> well, &#224 would be correct for an iso-8859-1 encoded response, but 
> 226??  What the encoding used by myfaces in your case. is-8859, utf8? 
> other? The component just use that encoding to convert characters to 
> entities. Using &#....; notation is perfectly correct, event for 
> links. If you have problems with it, it can also comes from the fact 
> you form submit in an inappropriate encoding. use <h:form 
> acceptcharset="...."> to specify expected encoding by server. Of 
> course, you have to configure your server the same way. Here at work 
> we force everything to utf-8.

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