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From Paul van Rossem <>
Subject [trinidad] question about <tr:selectOneListbox> versus <h:selectOneListbox> behaviour.
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2008 11:17:30 GMT
Why takes no rendering takes place during the render response phase 
after clicking the listbox. Or is there a bug?
<h:selectOneListbox> does what I would expect, while 
<tr:selectOneListbox> doesn't.

I have the following simple jsf:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<jsp:root version="2.0"
< contentType="text/html; charset=utf-8"/>
    <tr:document title="applying listbox values">
      <tr:outputText value="clicking item in listbox doesn't update 
outputText below:"/>
          <tr:selectOneListbox label="item list:" value="#{bean.item}" 
              valueChangeListener="#{bean.itemSelected}" autoSubmit="true">
            <f:selectItems value="#{bean.items}"/>
        <tr:outputText value="Selected: #{bean.item}"/>

and the following in the bean:

package nl.timeware.vrtsim.beans;
import java.util.*;
import javax.faces.event.ValueChangeEvent;
public class Bean
  private Integer selectedItem = 1;

  public Integer getItem()
  {  System.out.println("getItem(): " + selectedItem);
    return selectedItem;

  public void setItem(Integer id)
  {  System.out.println("setItem(" + id +")");
    selectedItem = id;
  public Map<String, Integer> getItems()
  {  System.out.println("getItem(): " + selectedItem);
    Map<String, Integer> itemMap = new TreeMap<String, Integer>();
    itemMap.put("Item 1", 1); itemMap.put("Item 2", 2); 
itemMap.put("Item 3", 3);
    return itemMap;
  public void itemSelected(ValueChangeEvent event)
  {  System.out.println("itemSelected(" + event.getNewValue() +")");
    selectedItem = (Integer)event.getNewValue();

If I click on one of the items, the following happens:

PhaseTracker.beforePhase(): RESTORE_VIEW 1
PhaseTracker.afterPhase(): RESTORE_VIEW 1
PhaseTracker.beforePhase(): RENDER_RESPONSE 6
getItem(): 1
getItem(): 1
getItem(): 1
PhaseTracker.afterPhase(): RENDER_RESPONSE 6
 -- this is where I click the second item in the list --
PhaseTracker.beforePhase(): RESTORE_VIEW 1
PhaseTracker.afterPhase(): RESTORE_VIEW 1
PhaseTracker.beforePhase(): APPLY_REQUEST_VALUES 2
PhaseTracker.afterPhase(): APPLY_REQUEST_VALUES 2
PhaseTracker.beforePhase(): PROCESS_VALIDATIONS 3
getItem(): 1
getItem(): 1
PhaseTracker.afterPhase(): PROCESS_VALIDATIONS 3
PhaseTracker.beforePhase(): UPDATE_MODEL_VALUES 4
PhaseTracker.afterPhase(): UPDATE_MODEL_VALUES 4
PhaseTracker.beforePhase(): INVOKE_APPLICATION 5
PhaseTracker.afterPhase(): INVOKE_APPLICATION 5
PhaseTracker.beforePhase(): RENDER_RESPONSE 6
-- why isn't getItem() called here to render the outputText ? --  <<<<<
PhaseTracker.afterPhase(): RENDER_RESPONSE 6

What suprises me is that during the 2nd RENDER_RESPONSE phase never the 
current value of the list is retrieved (Bean.getItem() is never called) 
to render the outputText, with the result that it retains its now 
obsolete value. getItem() is called in other phases, but that's of 
course before its value was changed.

When I replace the <tr:selectOneListbox> by the <h:selectOneListbox> 
things work as expected and the outputText is correctly updated.
Any suggestions what I should change or should I file a JIRA issue? I am 
using trinidad with jsf-1.2_07-b03-FCS.

Thanks for any help, Paul.

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