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Subject A nested Trinidad showdetailheader undisclosed icon is malformed in Internet Explorer.......
Date Wed, 19 Mar 2008 16:46:15 GMT
When the showDetailHeader component is nested inside another 
showDetailHeader component, the nested undisclosed icon shows as only 
a square box instead of a sideways arrow in Internet Explorer. It 
works fine in Firefox and Safari. The issue is easily replicated by 
going to the showDetailHeader demo page and copying the 
showdetailheader component with the id of hsh2 and pasting it inside 
the component with the id of hsh1.

Unfortunately for me, I discovered the issue late in development of a 
project and would like to know if there is workaround for this?

It also seems to generate a:
WARNING: No PPR-capable 'id' found for elements of 
CoreShowDetailHeader[UIXFacesBeanImpl, id=panel]. This component has 
not written-out an 'id' attribute.

This error message does not occur in Firefox, only in IE.


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