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From "Elmar Kretzer" <>
Subject [Trinidad] partialTrigger - dynamic id from tr:iterator
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2008 08:14:03 GMT
Hello everyone,
just got a short question concerning partialTrigger pattern in Trinidad.
In the page i got following situation:


<tr:iterator value="#{example.list}" var="item" id="allExamples">


   <tr:commandLink partialSubmit="true" id="help" actionListener="#{example
.listenHelp}" text="#{bundle['']}" />




<tr:panelBox background="dark" binding="#{example.helpPanelBox}"


but "help" does not work as partialTrigger.

The id of the commandLink looks like "allExamples:0:help".

Is there any chance to get all possible help links as partial trigger?

something like "allExamples:*:help"  ?

thanks in advance

cheers elmar

hope this is not a too stupid question - just switched to trinidad -

and it seems like theres still a lot to learn ... =)

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