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From Michael Heß <>
Subject Re: Checkbox and required=true
Date Wed, 05 Mar 2008 08:49:46 GMT
Thanks for you input.

I gave this some more thought on my way home last night. When I think
about it - is a validator the right place to do this kind of "business
logic" (e.g. user has checked the box)? Shouldn't validators be all about
semantics like correct value range or format?

For a thing like "is Checkbox true/false" this is probably a close call,
especially because the implementation will be minimalistic. But from a
puristic view I think it would be false to put it in a validator at all.

Any thoughts on this from you?

bye, Michael schrieb:
> The "required=true" flag means that the user *must supply a value*, but
> doesn't ensure that they provide a specific value. With a checkbox, the
> user *always* effectively provides a value: unchecked=false, checked=true.
> So as Martin says, required=true is in fact pointless for checkboxes.
> And his recommendation to just use the validator *attribute* on the
> checkbox component is probably the best, although a custom validator
> class would also be possible. In either case, it should take about 10
> lines of code.
> Cheers, Simon
> Martin Marinschek schrieb:
>> Hi Michael,
>> you are on the right track - the required==true flag will not help in
>> the case of the checkbox, as for checkboxes, JSF will _always_ set a
>> value (either true or false, due to the problems you mentioned above -
>> there is no way to distinguish between false and value not set at
>> all...).
>> what you can do instead is set the validator="#{myBb.validator}"
>> attribute and validate in this method accordingly (or, as you said,
>> write a new validator).
>> regards,
>> Martin
>> On 2/27/08, Michael Heß <> wrote:
>>> Hi List,
>>> now that I have spent several hours trying to figure it out on my own,
>>> I'm
>>> giving this list a try.
>>> What I want to do is rather basic: I want to have a mandatory checkbox
>>> in
>>> my view. So if the user wants to continue working with the application
>>> he
>>> must first tick the box.
>>> So what I came up with was to use the required="true" on the
>>> h:selectBooleanCheckbox . Unfortunately this does not work. As I tried
>>> to
>>> find out what goes wrong I gave h:inputText a try, and it worked as
>>> expected, i.e. the form was considered invalid as long as the textbox
>>> was
>>> empty. So something is fishy about the checkbox...
>>> OK, so I remember back from the struts days, that checkboxes are tricky
>>> because they do not submit any value at all (not even an empty one)
>>> when
>>> unchecked. Searching some more, I found a rather interesting discussion
>>> in
>>> Although the main
>>> problem is about validators not running, the issue that required="true"
>>> gets ignored in case the component does not create a http parameter at
>>> all, is discussed at well. To the end of that issue it first seemed
>>> like a
>>> patch was supplied, but then again several problems popped up, and
>>> someone
>>> suspects that it's a spec issue.... frankly - i`m at a loss here. :-)
>>> So, what is the right approach for this behaviour? Create a
>>> "MandatoryCheckboxValidator" and attach it to the checkboxes? Maybe
>>> someone else had the problem already and can give me a hint how to
>>> proceed?

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