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From "Richard Yee" <>
Subject [TRINIDAD] selectOneChoice not visible initially in dialog when ENABLE_LIGHTWEIGHT_DIALOGS=true
Date Fri, 28 Mar 2008 21:51:46 GMT
I'm having a problem with a selectOneChoice in a lightweight dialog. When
ENABLE_LIGHTWEIGHT_DIALOGS is false, the selectOneChoice is displayed fine
when the dialog is first brought up. However, when
ENABLE_LIGHTWEIGHT_DIALOGS is true, the dropdown list part of the
selectOneChoice is not initially visible but the label is visible. If the
dialog is redrawn by clicking on the submit button for the dialog and the
validation fails for the selectOneChoice (the required attribute is true),
then the list becomes visible. Has anyone experienced this problem and know
of a fix/workaround?  I am using Trinidad 1.0.5, MyFaces 1.1.5, and IE

The cancelEvent1.gif attachment is a picture of what the dialog looks like
when it is first rendered. Notice that there is an empty space next to
"Please select end reason for the individual plan:". That is where the
dropdown list should appear.
The cancelEvent2.gif attachment is a picture of what the dialog should look
like. This is what it looks like after the Ok button was pressed.

Thanks for any help in advance,


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