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From "Stephan Frai" <>
Subject Orchestra beginner question: conversation.flash behaves like request scope
Date Tue, 18 Mar 2008 09:10:19 GMT


I am new to orchestra and just integrated it into my application.

Myfaces 1.2.2

Hibernate 3.2.5

Spring 2.0.4


I`m using plain Hibernate without JPA, so I took the integration provided at


Currently I am running into that problem that conversation.flash behaves
like request scope.

I have a 4 step workflow and one controller bean for that workflow:


<bean id="regUserDirectPlanningController"

              scope="conversation.flash" depends-on="reservationJSF">

            <property name="planningWorkflow" ref="regUserDirectPlanning"/>

            <property name="reservationData" ref="reservationFormBean"/>

            <property name="chainData" ref="timeChainJSF"/>

            <property name="reservationConfirmation" ref="reservationJSF"/>

            <property name="messageFormatter" ref="jsfMessageFormatter"/>

            <property name="resourceManager" ref="resourceManager"/>


            <property name="calendarJSF" ref="calendarJSF"/>


            <property name="reservationType"

            <property name="reservationFactory"



The other beans that are referenced are either Singletons as they are
Business Objects, or they are also conversation scoped as they are JsfBeans.


My problem is, that for each step in my workflow a new empty
regUserDirectPlanningController is created and i lose the internal state.

In debugger I can see that the AOP proxies around the conversation scoped
beans are properly created, so I think it`s kind of an configuration


Does this problem sound familiar to anyone?


If needed I can provide more detailed infos about configuration.



Kind regards,


Stephan Frai


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