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From "Andrew Robinson" <>
Subject Re: s:roundedDiv not fully rendered in IE6 and IE7
Date Wed, 27 Feb 2008 16:37:56 GMT
Are you in quirks mode for IE?

IE6 will almost always fail and IE7 requires standards mode to get it
to look right.

To render an IE6 and IE7 Quirks friendly component use layout="table".
IE just has too many bugs with CSS to render the DIVs correctly.

Play around with the demo to see how it renders in different browsers:

It looks like it is having problems at the moment though, I will have
to look into it sometime. It was working and I haven't made changes,
so I am not sure what is going on off the top of my head. It is
working with a size provided, but the demo is having gap issues with
the "auto" sizing.

On Wed, Feb 27, 2008 at 6:49 AM,  <> wrote:
> Hello:
>  I have a seam/facelets based xhtml page with the following on
>  it.
>  <s:roundedDiv id="banner" color="#{e:getWebHexToColor
>  ( '#660000' )}" style="text-align: center;">
>         <h:outputText value="Hello World!" />
>  </s:roundedDiv>
>  The e:getWebHexToColor.... is a reference to a facelets
>  function that converts the specified hex color representation
>  into the associated java.awt.Color instance as required by the
>  s:roundedDiv tag.
>  This all works just fine and as expected in both Firefox and
>  Netscape browsers.  However, in both IE6 and IE7 the visual
>  presentation of the s:roundedDiv is incorrect in that only the
>  corners of the roundedDiv are rendered, i.e. the actual center
>  of the div where its contents (in this case the h:outputText)
>  are located does NOT show the specified div color.  Rather it
>  just shows the normal page color?  So on IE6 and IE7, you end
>  up with 4 rounded corners (and ONLY the corners)  in the
>  specified color, but the rest of the div does not appear as
>  expected.
>  Is this a known issue?  Does anyone have any work arounds or
>  fixes?  I was very excited to use this component, but will not
>  be able to as we must support IE.
>  BTW, This is from the 1.1.7 sandbox.
>  TIA!

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