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From "Jed Smallwood" <>
Subject [Trinidad] tr:panelPopup position on large table
Date Mon, 11 Feb 2008 12:01:18 GMT

I've recently started using the tr:panelPopup component on a table with
enough rows that it causes the page to scroll.  In my table I have a
tr:panelPop component in each row.  What I've noticed is that the resulting
popup will only appear in the initial "viewable" portion of the screen.
This means that if I scroll all the way to the bottom and click on the last
row's popup trigger that the popup will appear near the top of the table
instead of relative to the link location.

For example, my table has 50 rows.  On the initial page load 12 rows are
visible with my browser size.  My observation is that the popup will not
render below the 12th row even when the page has been scrolled down to row

Is this popup positioning a limitation of tr:panelPopup or is there some way
to get the popup to position itself correctly?

FWIW I have attempted to force a yoffset but that still would not get the
panel to render below its apparent limitation.


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