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From Mark Struberg <>
Subject [trinidad] tr:navigationTree questions
Date Fri, 08 Feb 2008 14:20:11 GMT

I'm a complete noob to trinidad and myfaces, so please excuse any obvious or stupid questions.
At least I've searched yahoo, google and read through nabble, so hopefully my asking is not
dumb :)

I'm currently writing a sample for a standard business application which also contains a menu
based on XMLMenuModel plus navigation with tr:breadCrumb at the top of the page and
tr:navigationTree at the left side.

The menu structure looks like the following:

+-- customer
|   +-- search customers
|   +-- browse customers
|   +-- view customer
|   +-- edit customer
+-- reporting
|   +-- generate report
|   +-- browse report
+-- admin
    +-- employee admin
    |   +-- search employee
    |   +-- view employee
    |   +-- edit employee
    |   +-- modify authorisation
    +-- repository admin
        +-- view repositories
        +-- edit repository

So basically i use a menu entry for every distinct jspx page, to get the proper message shown
the breadCrumbs. On the other hand, with this method I currently also get the leafs shown
in the
navigationTree which i don't like to have. I have tried rendered=false (then also the breadCrumbs
and the viewPath is gone), visible=false (still the space of the facet is filled up with &nbsp;)
etc, but nothing worked for me.

Now my questions:
1.) As it is purely an evaluation sample, I'm not hardly fixed to exactly this look and feel,
how do u usually solve such problems? Do you also add the leafs to the menuModel, or do you
this information to the breadCrumb manually and calculate the viewPath for the navigation

2.) Is there any public example how i can extend tr:navigationTree to understand a menuModel
attribute "category" (so navigationTree only considers menuItems, menuGroups, etc of this
category (or even better categories).

3.) Is there currently any 'authorisation concept' available in trinidad? Like to e.g. set
which are needed to get a single menuItem displayed, etc. In my example above, I like the
menu only be visible to users with the currentRole 'admin', etc.

I've read through
and others, but found no hint.

txs in advance,

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