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From Dave <>
Subject submitOnEvent callback
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2008 02:26:58 GMT
for <s:submitOnEvent>, in my case, whether to submit depends on a bean variable. So I
need a "rendered" property.
  <h:selectOneMenu .... >
  <s:submitOnEvent for="aButton" event="change" rendered="#{bean.submitOnChange}" />
  <h:commandButton id="aButton" .../>
  But the <s:submitOnEvent> does not have a rendered property.  It has a callback for
the purpose. The callback function's signature 
  function mySpecialUserCallback(event, srcComponentId, clickComponentId);
  How to let the callback function use the backing bean's variable?
  If the callback is javascript code, it can serve the purpose
  callback="#{bean.variable? return true: return false}"
  Thanks for help


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