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From "Scott O'Bryan" <>
Subject Re: Problems with page navigation
Date Wed, 27 Feb 2008 23:28:00 GMT
Hey Ted, I've actually had good luck using javascript to copy things 
into the head.  It just needs to be done before the page has finished 
loading.  I assume that's where the issue lies since icefaces has 
already loaded the page and is doing an XMLHttpRequest.


Ted Goddard wrote:
> Are the CSS links in the HEAD section of the document?
> During non-redirect navigation, ICEfaces 1.6 replaces
> only the body of the document.  (ICEfaces 1.7 performs
> a full page refresh if the HEAD changes; there is
> no way to reliably update the HEAD from JavaScript
> in current browsers.)
> You may also be encountering a bug in the <from-view-id>
> representation (before and after the filename has been
> transformed by the servlet mapping).  If you are using
> the .iface extension, please try adding either additional
> navigation rules with .iface, or eliminating the
> <from-view-id> condition.
> Regards,
> Ted.
> On 27-Feb-08, at 9:42 AM, dancantong wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I'm new to JSF and I'm experiencing problems with page navigation.
>> I'm developing a web application with MyFaces and ICEFaces.
>> I have a page with an ICEFaces table. On the table there is an output 
>> link
>> that point to an action that returns a navigation view name. When I 
>> click on
>> it, it goes to that page as expected. In that page there is a button to
>> return to the previous page. I've pointed it to an action that returns a
>> navigation name to the previous page.
>> The first problem I have is that when I click the button, it goes to the
>> previous page but it doesn't load properly some <link href> CSS 
>> stylesheets
>> I have in that page. I've set that links to relative addresses like
>> <link href="../styles.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"></link> 
>> and are
>> loaded perfectly the first time I go directly to it, but fails when I 
>> click
>> on the button on the other page. If I click refresh on the browser 
>> the page
>> is loaded correctly.
>> Second is that when I click on the link button and go to the page, if I
>> click on the table to repeat the process, now the view it's not 
>> redirected
>> like before. It stays on the same page.
>> Here is an extract of my faces-config.xml
>> <navigation-rule>
>>         <from-view-id>/clients/show_clients.jsp</from-view-id>
>>         <navigation-case><from-outcome>update</from-outcome>
>>             <to-view-id>/clients/update_client.jsp</to-view-id>
>>         </navigation-case></navigation-rule>
>>     <navigation-rule>
>>         <from-view-id>/clients/update_client.jsp</from-view-id>
>>         <navigation-case>
>>             <from-outcome>added</from-outcome>
>>             <to-view-id>/clients/show_clients.jsp</to-view-id>
>>         </navigation-case>
>>         <navigation-case><from-outcome>return</from-outcome>
>>             <to-view-id>/clients/show_clients.jsp</to-view-id>
>>         </navigation-case></navigation-rule>
>> show_clients.jsp is the first page with the table. When I click on 
>> the table
>> it goes to update_client.jsp.
>> Then on update_client if I click on return it goes to show_client.jsp.
>> I'm getting mad with this.
>> Could anyone help me?
>> Thanks a lot.
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