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From "" <>
Subject Re: Return a real Uri and not where it came from
Date Wed, 27 Feb 2008 12:55:08 GMT
Vladi Rocha schrieb:
> Hi users of myfaces.
> I am developing a Filter that handle security issues.
> One of them is the access of a protected page.
> I am using Myfaces 1.1 and my problem is, when I try
> to obtain the uri, always return to me the page where
> "it came from" and not "where it is".
> For example, suppose:
> (1) In your browser you have
> http://localhost:8080/pr/home.jsp 
> (2) In home.jsp you have a commandbutton with an
> action that return an string "logout". 
> (3) This logout string (in navigation rules) has an
> attribute <to-view-id>=logout.jsp
> The problem? when you press the button, and the
> logout.jsp is rendered in the browser (that is ok),
> the filter* and the url in the browser still show
> http://localhost:8080/pr/home.jsp (that is wrong).
> * the filter use httpRequest.getRequestURI()
> To me, I need that the browser (or the filter) show
> http://localhost:8080/pr/logout.jsp
> Are you facing that problem before? Do you have hints
> or ideas for that?
It's a frequently-asked question. As there was no info in the MyFaces
FAQ for this, I've just added some:

It should at least answer the "why" part of your question..


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