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From Renzo Tomaselli <>
Subject [Trinidad] js issue while handling PPR inside a tr:panelPopup
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2008 10:04:02 GMT
Hi, I have a panelPopup containing a number of links with 
partialSubmit="true". The panel itself is enclosed into a 
panelGroupLayout bound to a bean.
This binding allows to define the enclosing panel as a PPR target 
through addPartialTarget(), no matter which links triggers it.
So the overall structure is roughly like this:

    <tr:panelGroupLayout id="modalWrapper" binding="#{bean.panel}">
         <tr:panelPopup id="modal" position="centered" modal="true">
                <tr:commandLink id="next" action="#{}" 

all of this works fine on FF. However it does not on IE 6/7. The very 
first time the panel is created, but any following click on links does 
not refresh panel contents.
After some js debugging - I noticed that in Page.js, method 
_handlePprResponseFragment() - there is a focus action on the link 
itself (which is recorded as being active):

 if (refocusId) {
    activeNode = doc.getElementById(refocusId);
    if (activeNode && activeNode.focus) {
      activeNode.focus();      // !!!!!

on IE there is no return from focus(), so that the rest of the panel 
fragments are not rendered. No errors, though.
If I comment out the focus() call, everything works as expected.

-- Renzo

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