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From Nitin Deshmukh <>
Subject Activate Validator for only edited rows in dataTable
Date Tue, 19 Feb 2008 20:33:25 GMT

I have to show a huge list on the page and the data in
this list is editable. I am using datatable to display
this list and have inputText for the editable fields.
I have to validate one of the column for user id, so I
have a UIDValidator, which checks if the user id is
valid in the database. 
In the present scenario, the validator runs on every
user id field, every time goes and checks user id in
the database and that makes it slow. Sometimes the
list has 400-500 objects in it and then I have other
validators also. In such cases, it takes 4-5 minutes
to get to the next page, which is terrible.

I want to validate only those fields which were
changed by the user, is it possible to do it.Or should
I change the way I am handling the list. 
any suggestions/opinions are welcome.

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