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From Carsten Pieper <>
Subject Re: [Trinidad] Skinning - can't get browser hacks working...
Date Mon, 11 Feb 2008 11:39:06 GMT

Myself back again,

some new knowledge on the topic:

I tested the browser hacks on a global selector (.AFDefaultFont:alias). For
those, the hacks didn't work as I reported in my first posting.

I jsut noticed today, that on "normal" selectors, they're working fine.

* html af|panelHeader::level-one {
	color: magenta;

Et voilĂ , a magenta colored heading text appears in IE6.

Further investigation showed, that the appearance of the ":alias" 
pseudo-class breaks the browser hacks. It's not only a problem of those
global selectors (see
but of one's own :alias stuff as well...

The bottom line is, that those browser hacks have to be introduced on
"feature level". 

A question to the experts: Has this been done purposely or unconsciously?
Should this
behaviour be changed? Or do you feel it shouldn't be touched as browser
hacks won't be
needed anymore once
support for skinning icons) and 
(Add agent version support in skinning) are resolved?

Thanks, Carsten

Carsten Pieper wrote:
> Hi,
> in some cases the nice @agent feature can't help your skinning efforts for
> different browsers, for example if you want to 
> differentiate between different versions of Internet Explorer (see this
> thread:
> or if you want to skin icons (see
> section Skinning CSS features).
> In these cases, I planned to fall back on those nasty browser hacks but
> they seem to
> be ignored by the Trinidad skinning (I'm on Trinidad 1.0.5), i.e. I can't
> see any
> effects (neither in the rendered pages nor in the generated CSS). 
> I tried the "star html hack" (to include CSS in IE <= 6)
>     * html .mySelector {...}
>  as well as the "negation pseudo class hack" (to exclude CSS from IE)
>      html:not([dummy]) .mySelector {...}
> In the above mentioned forum thread Sven gave an example for  
> star html hack usage in a Trinidad style sheet 
> (
> I tried the CSS snippet given there, too, but to no avail...
> To give another simple example. Assume that I might want my default font
> size to
> be bigger in IE (no, I don't really want that, just to keep the example 
> simple; in reality I want to skin icons...)
> /* general setting */
> .AFDefaultFont:alias {font-size: 12px;}
> /* make it bigger for IE */
> @agent ie {
> 	.AFDefaultFont:alias {font-size: 15px;}
> }
> This works fine, as described in the Developer's Guide. However, if I 
> replace the @agent with the star html hack I see no effects:
> /* the star html hack, doesn't work for me here */
> * html .AFDefaultFont:alias {
>         font-size: 15px;
> }
> Do you have any ideas? Any hint appreciated!
> Thanks, Carsten

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