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From Kent Tong <>
Subject Re: Serialization issue with app scoped beans referenced by session scoped beans
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2008 07:48:44 GMT

Simon Kitching-4 wrote:
> Of course this does only apply to the fairly rare case of injecting an
> app-scope reference into a session-scoped bean. I cannot see any similar
> problems when injecting session-scope into session-scope, or anything
> into a request-scoped bean.

Thanks for the confirmation. However, I don't understand why you say this
is a rare case. For example, if a session-scoped shopping cart is storing
a list of product IDs. For a page to display the content of the shopping
it needs not only product IDs, but product names and prices and etc.
To do that, one solution is to inject a Catalog app-scoped bean into the 
shopping cart bean (and thus this case occurs). Another solution (which I
now use) is to create an extra request-scoped bean like CartDisplayHelper 
into which we'll inject both the shopping cart and the Catalog.

Are you saying the second solution is your default? That is, you always have
a Java class specifically created for a specific page? I find it against the
spirit of JSF that there should be no UI logic in Java code.

Kent Tong
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