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From Kent Tong <>
Subject Re: Serialization issue with app scoped beans referenced by session scoped beans
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2008 03:20:39 GMT

Simon Kitching-4 wrote:
> And java's serialization has *always* discarded transient objects on
> serialization and marked them as null on deserialization. That's
> perfectly normal. There are a number of options here for you, including
>   transient Bean2 appBean = new Bean2();
> or accessing it only via a getBean2() method that checks whether it is
> null and restores it, or implementing custom serialization for Bean1.

Thanks for the reply. My point is that JSF allows injecting an application 
scoped bean into a session scoped bean. As this is the only way to give 
the latter access to the former without code pollution, this should be
the recommended way suggested by JSF. However, due to the problem
raised above, in fact the recommended way is not really working.

Kent Tong
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