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From Rashmi <>
Subject Re: Portlet Environment and Orchestra
Date Wed, 06 Feb 2008 11:54:08 GMT

Hello All,

       I have access to FacesContext. The ExternalContext in case of Portlet
Environment is - PortletExternalContextImpl and ofcourse in servlet
environment it is ServletExternalContextImpl. 

      The doFilter(ServletRequest req, ServletResponse rsp,FilterChain
filterChain) .. method of OrchestraServletFilter is never called in the
PortletEnvironment. In case of PortletEnvironment Portletrequest,
Portletresponse is null and  the ConversationManager is not getting
initialiazed and so on.

       I suppose that the exisitng Filter configuration works well with
Servlet as the name suggests OrchestraServletFilter. I think something
similar to this i.e "OrchestraPortletFilter" needs to be written so that the
Orchestra features can be used in PortletEnvironment as well.


Mario Ivankovits wrote:
> Hi!
>> currently we're prototyping a portlet application (liferay 4.33)  with
>> orchestra , JPA (Hibernate) and myFaces 1.1.5.
> Unhappily I have zero experience with portlets. If you could provide a
> simple webapp to test this thing it would greatly help, though, I know
> how much work it is to setup one.
> However, if possible somehow, please try the latest snapshot of
> Orchestra as we've changed how the FrameworkAdapter will be initialized.
> At least it gives us correct line numbers in the exception.
> The FrameworkAdapter brings me to the thing which might be needed to be
> fixed for the portlet environment, not sure though.
> If you have a look at the source of this class you'll see that there are
> just a handful of methods which needs to be implement, probably in a
> portlet friendly way.
> Could you please check if you have access to a FacesContext close before
> the method raising an exception?
> If so, you can stick with the JsfFrameworkAdapter and just need to find
> a way how to initialize it properly. If not, you have to create your own
> portlet friendly FrameworkAdapter wich allows you to get access to the
> session/request stuff required by Orchestra.
> Ciao,
> Mario

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