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From Damon Weyant <>
Subject RE: MyFaces 1.1 not working on Websphere with Classloader set to PARENT_LAST
Date Mon, 04 Feb 2008 14:17:53 GMT
Another quick suggestion:

I was comparing the list of JAR files you have in your application compared to the applications
we have up and running in WebSphere...we have the commons-el-1.0.jar file in our WEB-INF/lib
folder, but that Jar file was not included in your list of JARs in your application.  It's
a shot in the dark, but who knows ;-)

- Damon

-----Original Message-----
From: mchandir []
Sent: Thursday, January 31, 2008 2:33 PM
Subject: RE: MyFaces 1.1 not working on Websphere with Classloader set to PARENT_LAST

Thanks for your suggestion. I tried it but still not working. Whatz annoying is when i hit
the url i get a blank page and there is no error in the log files. while i turned on the trace
i see that the request is getting processed and i also see the response is dispatched properly
HttpConnection.readAndHandleRequest(): completed dispatch to uri:
/JSF/index.faces but after that i see something strange like this towards the end of the trace

[1/31/08 14:25:08:078 EST] 45410934 HttpRequest   < finish
[1/31/08 14:25:08:078 EST] 45410934 HttpConnectio < readAndHandleRequest
[1/31/08 14:25:13:078 EST] 45410934 HttpConnectio d Read timed out
                        Read timed out
        at Method)
        at Code))
        at Code))
        at Compiled
        at Code))

[1/31/08 14:25:13:078 EST] 45410934 TransportLogg d
socket closed: remotePort=[9837] remoteAddress=[]
[1/31/08 14:25:13:078 EST] 45410934 HttpServer    < connectionKeepAliveCnt:
[1/31/08 14:25:13:078 EST] 45410934 HttpConnectio < run
[1/31/08 14:25:13:078 EST] 45410934 InvocationCac > threadReturned(,
1, 50)
[1/31/08 14:25:13:078 EST] 45410934 InvocationCac < threadReturned

I am not sure what this is or is this causing the application not to function properly. Atleast
if i have a error message i will have something to start looking into but this is really vague
and don't know if the Httpconnection is timing out...

any thoughts?

thanks again

Damon Weyant wrote:
> I've had MyFaces application running on WAS v5.1.x before (we're
> currently running them in WAS v6.1.x), I know one thing we did was set
> the WAR classloader policy from "Module" to "Application" so maybe
> that might do the trick for you as well.  Hope this helps...
> - Damon
> -----Original Message-----
> From: mchandir []
> Sent: Wednesday, January 30, 2008 4:20 PM
> To:
> Subject: MyFaces 1.1 not working on Websphere with
> Classloader set to PARENT_LAST
> I am trying to deploy a simple MyFaces application on Websphere App
> Server
> and having trouble invoking the index page. I am using
> MyFaces
> 1.1.5 and tomahawk 1.1.6. I also went through this link
> and still not
> working.
> I want my Classloader mode to be PARENT_LAST for both application and
> Web Module as my application needs it. This works fine on Websphere
> 6.0.2. I was able to successfully deploy the application to WAS
> with one additional jar file (jsp-api.jar) which is not part
> of WAS 6.0.2 deployment.
> Has anyone successfully deployed MyFaces 1.1 on Websphere 5.1.x? if so
> do i need any additonal jar file. Right now i have
> commons-beanutils-1.7.0.jar
> commons-codec-1.3.jar
> commons-collections-3.1.jar
> commons-digester-1.6.jar
> commons-lang-2.1.jar
> commons-fileupload-1.0.jar
> commons-validator.jar
> jsp-api.jar
> jstl-1.0.jar
> myfaces-api-1.1.5.jar
> myfaces-impl-1.1.5.jar
> standard-1.0.jar
> tomahawk-1.1.3.jar
> The problem i have is when i hit my index page url:
> http://localhost:9080/myproj/index.faces i get a blank page and there
> is no error message in the logs :-( I have no clue what is happening.
> But if i change the Web Module class loader to PARENT_FIRST it is
> working fine, but i don't need that.
> Any help will be useful as im stuck at this point. thanks in advance
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