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From "Helmut Swaczinna" <>
Subject Re: [Tobago] renderedPartially doesn't work in treeNodeCommand
Date Wed, 13 Feb 2008 15:40:59 GMT

just one idea: Does the action mainTree.showInDetail returns an outcome != null ?
If so the whole page gets reloaded.


  ----- Original Message ----- 
  From: Raj .G. Narasimhan 
  Sent: Wednesday, February 13, 2008 4:30 PM
  Subject: [Tobago] renderedPartially doesn't work in treeNodeCommand

  I'm having problem with partial reloading while invoking 'treeNodeCommand'.  I am using
Tobago 1.0.14 on Tomcat 6.

  On clicking the node link, the detail page including the tree gets reloaded, even though
the <tc:command>'s 'renderedPartially' value is set to body of the page(showing the
detailed node info). This issue was raised and resolved during mid of '07(fixed in Tobago
1.0.12). This tree holds around 300 nodes (user Objects with 4-5 string properties).  I have
tried without mode="menu" as suggested by Helmut. Still the problem exists. I don't know,
where and what I'm missing and I have been trying to fix this since two days...

  Here's the code, that I'm trying:

  <tc:tree value="#{mainTree.rootNode}" mode="menu" id="nav"
              nameReference="userObject.label" idReference=""
              tipReference="userObject.label" state="#{mainTree.state}"
              showIcons="false" showJunctions="true" showRoot="false">
              <f:facet name="treeNodeCommand">
                  <tc:command action="#{mainTree.showInDetail}">
                      <tc:attribute value=":mainpage:rightPanel" name="renderedPartially"

  Here's the portion of main page (where this detail page will have to be loaded)

  <f:view locale="#{configController.locale}">
      <tc:loadBundle basename="cb_bundle" var="rsrcBundle" />
      <tc:page applicationIcon="icon/Vzicon.ico"
          label="#{rsrcBundle.pageTitle}" id="mainpage" width="900px" height="830px">


      <tc:cell spanX="2">
              <tc:panel id="middleBox">
                  <f:facet name="layout">
                      <tc:gridLayout rows="fixed;fixed;*" columns="*;2*"
                          id="boxToolbarLayout" />

                  <tc:cell spanX="2">
                      <tc:panel id="treeAndRightPanel">

                          <f:facet name="layout">
                              <tc:gridLayout border="1" rows="*" columns="*;2*" />
                              <jsp:include page="/WEB-INF/cdbmain/navigation.jsp" />
                              <%-- <tc:panel id="leftPanel">
                                  <f:facet name="layout">
                                      <tc:gridLayout rows="*" columns="*" />


                              <tc:panel id="rightPanel">
                                  <f:facet name="layout">
                                      <tc:gridLayout rows="*" columns="*" />
                                  <jsp:doBody />


  And in the generated html source, I could see the following:

  var mainpage_navigator_nav_treeNodeCommand = \"Tobago.reloadComponent('mainpage:rightPanel',,

  Appreciate your help!

  Raj .G. Narasimhan 
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