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Subject [Trinidad] Is there a way to always force JSF life cycle validation on tr input components ?
Date Fri, 25 Jan 2008 13:49:31 GMT


Here is a strange issue: because we need to integrate various message
sources and display their messages in
several special custom-made visual components, we cannot make use of
tr:messages. The approach works fine
with the SUN JSF RI 1.2 input components.

However, for Trinidad input components, such as tr:inputDate, when
validation fails, e.g. thru typing


one gets a client-side JS popup window. If I add tr:messages in an
invisible style the window disappears. However, standard JSF validation as
part of the JSF life cycle does not take place. Note that for submit I use

<tr:commandButton partialSubmit="true" id="showOrders"
textAndAccessKey="&amp;1:Anzeigen" action="#{TC2121Controller.isQueryData}"

i.e. PPR is part of the game but I cannot work without it for performance

So my question: How could I get the standard JSF life cycle going?


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