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From David Delbecq <>
Subject Re: JSF pages rendering 4 times more slowly in IE7 than Firefox
Date Thu, 31 Jan 2008 08:46:17 GMT
Using ctrl-I on firefox , in the medias tab you will get an idea what is 
loaded by pages. If you see tons of javascript, css and picture, that 
might be the source of your problem. Note that we had a similar problem 
here once, JSF was slow to render (same time for IE / firefox), we 
discovered we had a filter in our config that was, for database 
transaction reasons, limiting request to one request at a time per 
session (use of synchronized block on user session). As a result, all 
queries for JS/CSS/pictures coming from JSF component where queued and 
serve one at a time instead of in parallel.

Even complex JSF pages shouldn't take 23 seconds to be returned to 
client. Also note that complex css layout can sometimes takes time to 
get rendered client side, but 23 seconds.... ? Even 6 seconds is far too 
much for average users :)

En l'instant précis du 31/01/08 09:15, Christopher Cudennec s'exprimait 
en ces termes:
> You should try a tool like ProxySniffer or a plugin for FF or IE to 
> see why your page performance is that bad. We had some problems in our 
> project concerning included css and js-files. You should be able to 
> see who's "responsible".
> Cheers,
> Christopher
> Martin Marinschek schrieb:
>> Are you using any javascript libraries? Dojo?
>> regards,
>> Martin
>> On 1/30/08, Simon Kitching <> wrote:
>>> ---- caped crusader <> schrieb:
>>>> Hi
>>>> I have a JSF application with some quite unusual performance problems.
>>>> Loading pages in IE7 takes 4 times as long as in Firefox (v2.0.0.11).
>>>> When I test the application locally, response times are good, and 
>>>> pretty
>>>> similar for IE and FF. When I test our actual deployment, pages 
>>>> take on
>>>> average 6 seconds to load in Firefox, and about 23 seconds in IE7. The
>>> pages
>>>> that are being rendered are very simple, with perhaps 10-12 links 
>>>> and a
>>>> handful of form fields. Much as I'd love to tell our users to just 
>>>> use FF,
>>>> most of them use IE and making them switch is not an option.
>>>> I've already looked at the performance page on the MyFaces wiki, and
>>>> implemented the server-side tips there.
>>>>  I'm using
>>>> MyFaces 1.1.4
>>>> Tomahawk 1.1.3
>>>> Firefox
>>>> Internet Explorer 7.0.5730.11
>>>> Are there any other obvious areas anyone can think of to target?
>>> One thing that comes to mind is that Firefox might be caching some 
>>> resources
>>> while IE is not caching them, and so repeatedly fetching something. 
>>> This
>>> difference might not show up when the server is local, but be much more
>>> significant when the server is remote and more heavily loaded.
>>> I suggest you enable logging of all requests on your server and then 
>>> compare
>>> the list of URLs fetched by firefox with the list of URLs fetched by 
>>> IE for
>>> the same page. This can be done on your "local" server, not the 
>>> remote one.
>>> I would also enable the "live headers" plugin in firefox and have a 
>>> look at
>>> the http headers for pages, making sure that they have the appropriate
>>> caching headers set.
>>> Regards,
>>> Simon

-- (a belgian developer's logs)

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